The Importance of Somatics & 
Coach Centered Mindfulness

Coaching is changing to meet the needs of modern times. Clients want to go deeper – shifting from “help me get things done” to “how to connect to meaning.” This presentation is for coaches, therapists, counselors and other “helping professionals” who want to distinguish their practice and learn more about mindfulness-based somatic skills uniquely suited for these times.

By Brett Hill, certified mindful-somatic coach and coach trainer
Creator of The Mindful Coach Method ™

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A Word About this Free Webinar 

This is not a pitch or sales presentation. I believe in conscious, transparent marketing. My goal is to have everything from my desk be original, useful, and over-deliver on value.

In full transparency, I mention the Mindful Coach Method training for those that want to deeper with the practices and skills.

If you’re reading this and leaning in, there’s a good chance that we’re aligned in ways that merit staying connected, so I ask for your email address. You can opt out immediately or at any time.

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– Here’s a preview of what you’ll see –

1:42  “Masterful coaching requires mindfulness” – quotation.

8:18 The Human Conundrum in 8 points

26:09  Demo time!  An attendee feels really seen and understood within 3 minutes of starting

35:18 Conciously Creating Authentic Trust and Rapport

39:08  Examples of somatic coaching questions vs. standard coaching questions

44:29:  Techniques you can use right away

And much more!