The Future of Coaching is Somatic

A one hour presentation on mindfulness-based somatic techniques
that can transform you,
your clients, and your practice.
By Brett Hill, creator of The Mindful Coach Method ™

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A Word About this Webinar

This is not a pitch or sales presentation. I believe in conscious, transparent marketing. My goal is to have everything from my desk be original, useful, and over-deliver on value.

In full transparency, I do mention the Mindful Coach Method training for a few minutes for those that might be interested in learning somatic coaching. 

If you’re reading this and leaning in, there’s a good chance that we’re aligned in ways that merit staying connected so I ask for your email address. You can opt-out immediately or at any time.

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– Here’s a preview of what you’ll see –

1:15  Unnecessary suffering and what we can do about it

9:10 The Link between Mindfulness and Somatics plus a universal rule that keeps it real

20:00  7 Reasons why The Future of Coaching is Somatic

32:00  Demo time!
Exploring a non-verbal expression results in an unexpected insight with an attendee

41:00  Four somatic techniques you can use right away

And much more!