The Mindful Coach Method ®

An 8-Week Live-Online Course in Mindful-Somatic Coaching

Learn powerful mindful-somatic skills adapted for coaching from somatic psychotherapy
so you can quickly & confidently do deeper work with skill and grace.

ICF CCE credits are included for ICF-certified coaches


Your Instructor – Brett Hill
Certified Mindful-Somatic Coach and Coach Trainer
Founder of The Mindful Coach Association
Host of The Mindful Coach Podcast

Here’s a sample of what you’ll receive:

  • Quickly create authentic rapport, trust, and connection that significantly improves outcomes in sessions and helps you get to “yes” with potential new clients 


  • Put mindfulness to work in sessions in ways that are deeply valuable to clients without formally teaching it


  • Cut through the noise of endless storytelling and explaining with the Somatic Insight Cycle taught only in this class


  • Confidently and gracefully guide clients to discover the answers within them. Become the trusted guide they need instead of “the expert with the answers”


  • Do the deep work clients want without crossing boundaries into psychotherapy or trauma work

* VUCA  stands for – volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous

Hey Coach (and other helping professionals),

We want to help people as best we can, right? And it matters.

It’s not just a profession, it’s a calling.

People trust us to make a difference in their lives and I believe this is a sacred trust.

I think you do too.

But like many, I didn’t start out to be coach.

I used to work in technology for Microsoft as a speaker and trainer (aka “senior technical evangelist”)

But all the while, I was really wanting to help people more directly. So even though I had written technical books and was speaking all over the world, I spent most of my spare time seeking out and studying with world class somatic therapists and teaching meditation.

You see, a while back (before Microsoft), I had a breakup in a relationship that resulted in my entire world coming down. I was all-in on this relationship, and I didn’t see it coming.  My world turned upside down.  The result was no ordinary heartbreak but rather an epic meltdown. So intense I lost my job as VP of a software development company in banking. After a couple of weeks of pretty much complete dysfunction, I woke up one morning and said “I need professional help!”

So I sought out a therapist in the area.

In the very first session I was talking to him and felt a great, easy rapport ( I learned later this was no accident, but is rather, a skill a coach can learn). After about 5 minutes of explaining, he gently stopped me and said the most unusual thing. He said, “Did you notice that while you were talking, your hand was making a fist?”

I was somewhat annoyed, but you know what, he was right!

I was unconsciously making a fist and relaxing – then making a fist and relaxing all the while I was talking.

But then he said an even more unusual thing!

“If your fist could talk, what would it be saying?”

And this was the beginning of a very great revelation.

With his skillful help, I connected with the message my body was saying out load that my words could not.

No wonder I was so bent out of shape. The breakup had smashed open a door in my broken heart, and like a damn breaking,  a tsunami of pent-up emotion poured out. In my mind, it was all labeled “breakup” but in truth, decades worth of unexpressed emotion about relationships was piling on.

Knowing that these overwhelming feelings were about more than just this relationship breakup was a huge insight and the beginning of a major healing journey. Finally, I could start to sort out what was what, more clearly.


At the end of the session, I asked him “what was this thing you had me do with my hand?”

He replied, “it’s something I studied called mindfulness-based somatic psychology.”

 I decided right then and there,

“I have to learn everything there is to know about this!” and proceed to find and study with the late Ron Kurtz, the founder of Hakomi, one of the first forms of mindfulness-based somatic psychology. I also studied with other amazing teachers in related disciplines. Many of the techniques in these training are adapted for coaching from these studies.

Even with all this training and practice,  I kept working in tech. After all, there are worse jobs than traveling the globe speaking for Microsoft (and eventually other companies) at conferences and training.

When COVID hit, like a lot of folk, I was laid off.

Now was the time to commit.

I felt like I was a much better coach than a technologist, But more than this – I felt a calling to help others I could no longer ignore and had been blessed with many great lessons that had turned into skills with practice. Frequently, with these skills, I could get to people’s core content very quickly often resulting in significant breakthroughs and insights within a single session.

So I made the leap and started my practice. I also started The Language of Mindfulness podcast, wrote a book (being edited), landed two TEDx talks (both canceled due to Covid), and co-founded The Futures is Mindful, an online event on mindfulness in the workplace. 

But I had another huge wake-up call!

On my coaching journey, I completed a year and a half of training to obtain the ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and other certifications.

And according to Magdalena Nook, CEO of the International Coaching Federation – coaching presence is the most important coaching competency, and mindfulness is a pre-requisite for that  – but there is little training on how to be mindful and present in sessions!!! 

In addition, training on the incredible somatic techniques I had learned is almost absent! And new research on micro-mindful experiences significantly changes traditional methods for practicing mindfulness. Meditation is not the only way!

It seems almost tragic that with the many coaches being trained these days, these crucial skills that improve virtually every aspect of coaching, not to mention your personal life, are often pushed to the sidelines or not even discussed.

It’s like training a carpenter without a hammer. 

I took a long hard look at how I adapted all I had learned for a coaching context. Was there a method here? Can this be taught?

The answer is yes. 

I call the course The Mindful Coach Method – an eight-week live/online course to help you learn The Somatic Insight Cycle(tm), the core of the method – so you can be the coach people need and want.

And because I’m a technologist, incorporating the latest research and supporting technology (like text messaging to support learning during the class) is important to me, and that is wired into the content, structure, and delivery.

In my heart of hearts, I know this much – this approach is what many coaches need to take their practice to the next level and what many clients are yearning for. 

Is this you?

Are you wanting to make a real difference in people’s lives?

If so, it would be my honored privilege to welcome you to the next class starting in October 18th.

Stay present!

PS.  This course is also well suited for those in the role of helping professionals such as facilitators, trainers, therapists, health and wellness practitioners, executive coaches, and others. Several of the testimonials are from practicing therapists. 

What’s Inside the Course

Week 1

Coach-centered mindfulness

Experience a practice to significantly improve coaching right away

The modern world asks much of us but instead of rapidly shifting from one task to another, intentionally creating a moment to transition is a core skill for both coach and clients. But how to facilitate this in yourself and clients? This lesson includes demonstrations and practice of honoring transitions.

But what’s the point of this if doesn’t add value to your coaching sessions? This lesson is structured in such a way that you’ll have a direct experience how taking a moment to be more intentional, significantly improves your coaching skills.

The live session includes:

  • Orientation to the course and confidentiality agreements
  • The power of honoring transitions in your work & life
  • An overview of mindfulness and somatics
  • A simple intervention to improve coaching

The recorded sessions include:

  • The Arc of the Class, what to expect and how the class is designed for an uncommonly rich experience
  • Introduction to micro-mindfulness practices
  • Mindfulness Meditation #1 – Breath focus

Week 2

Facilitating towarD Resourcefulness

Helping clients (re)discover and access their natural aliveness is an immense gift that can last a lifetime

This week focuses on a core practice of the method – helping clients learn to be more present with their direct, in-the-moment experience without a formal mindful practice combined with helping them learn to (re)discover and use as a resource, natural sources for joy, laughter, peacefulness, and awethat are personally meaningful to them, by asking “what lights you up?” and giving specialized assignments around the responses.  

These two objectives can be elegantly combined when coaches are trained to notice limbic state shifts in clients that occur when they are in touch with a rich inner experience, and then facilitating toward the embodiment of those resources. The beginning of this an earnest inquiry into “what lights you up?

The live session includes:

  • Why “the body is always in the moment” and what it means to coaching
  • What it means to facilitate toward resourcefulness and resilience
  • A discussion of the limbic system and the importance of noticing “limbic state shifts” in clients
  • A micro-mindfulness practice you can use to get clients to be more mindful, and help the progress, without mentioning mindfulness or meditation.

The recorded session includes

  • The value and practice of suspending judgement
  • Mindfulness meditation practice #2: body scan

Week 3

The somatic Insight™ cycle 

When clients realize how deeply you are listening and paying attention, they can begin to unfold

With the foundations for mindful coaching laid, this session introduces the Somatic Insight Cycle which an original process taught exclusively in this course. This week focuses on introducing the cycle and the skills needed for the first phase – Tracking.

The cycle begins with the client telling you why they have come to coaching. Then you, as a coach, have a crucial task – paying attention in a specialized way –  “dual awareness.”  You must attend to the client’s verbal and non-verbal expression and also your own experience of the client. These “tracking” skills are the first part of the cycle as you mindfully and somatically listen to the client.  This is called full spectrum listening, which is an enhanced version of active listening.

The live session includes:

  • The Somatic Insight Cycle and how it provides a framework for managing a sessions. 
  • Dual awareness
  • Full spectrum listening 
  • Practice and exercises
  • The recorded sessions includes:
  • The line between coaching and therapy
  • Mindfulness meditation practice #3: open awareness

Week 4

Mindful interruption

Mindful interruption is master class skill that transforms your coaching and your clients

Learning how to gracefully interrupt automatic behavior on purpose is the very heart of coach centered mindfulness and presence. When used skillfully, you’ll make better decisions in your sessions and communicate more clearly. Just as important, your presence and thoughtfulness helps the client experience first hand a better way to be more thoughtful, gracious, and clear – yet firm.

When you gently interrupt a client’s story and ask what’s going on for them right now, frequently, they don’t have the language to describe their in the moment experience.  You’ll learn how to guide clients so they learn to give voice to their direct, in-the-moment experience. This is very much a mindfulness practice, without the need for meditation.  Just this one skill can help clients immensely.

The live session includes:

  • Pressing pause in conversation and sessions
  • Being comfortable with silence
  • The language of now
  • Interrupting storytelling

The recorded session includes

  • Centering breath practice
  • Listening for themes 

Week 5

Building AUTHENTIC trust and rapport
with contact statements

Conscious use of this technique can uplevel most any conversation personally and professionally

This one skill can transform your life as well as your coaching practice. The use of contact statements is an exceptionally valuable skill useful in personal and professional conversations.  Adapted from Hakomi somatic psychotherapy for a coaching context, contact statements help create authentic rapport and safety with the client. When properly used, clients feel seen and understood by you because you are demonstrating that you paying attention, non-judgmentally, to not only their words – but also to their inner world. This opens the door to deeper work that flows smoothly when trust is present and is simply not possible otherwise.

The live session includes: 

  • The purpose of contact statements
  • Examples of good and not so good statements
  • Tracking for agreement
  • Demonstrations and practice

The recorded sessions include:

  • Box Breathing technique
  • Trauma and the Mindful Coach Method

Week 6

mindful somatic inquiry & Reframing

Once you learn this skill, you will wonder how you ever coached without it

Somatic inquiry ensures your guidance is always relevant, personal, and meaningful. This technique helps clients become aware of the deeper meaning they already have within them but cannot access by “thinking.”  You will learn to craft and deliver a question in such a way that the client must get deeper with their in-the-moment experience to answer it. This practice often yields surprising and deep insight your client cannot reach by storytelling. They will thank you for this, which is a pretty great experience for a coach.

Reframing is one of the key practices of the method. Every struggle the client presents has embedded within it, a wish to be more whole, healthy, connected, and alive. At this stage, the mindful method coach helps the client reframe their struggles as healthy engagement so they can be more of who they really are and align with their true nature. Very often, clients report at this stage that they are “coming home” or “re-discovering” who they’ve always been, but got put aside due to the struggles in life. This is a great gift for the client as they will never be the same after this, and that is your mission after all, right?

The live session includes:

  • When to use somatic inquiry
  • Kinds of experiments
  • How to setup the experiment
  • Traps to avoid 
  • Practice and FAQ

The weeks recorded sessions include:

  • Resourcing yourself – guided meditation
  • Glass half-full reframing examples and practices

Week 7

alignment & Insight With Somatic Immersion

Clients will be forever grateful for the surprising, empowering insights that naturally emerge. 

When the client is in state of re-discovering their core self in the moment, they are in a crucial moment. A Mindful Coach Method coach will realize this is a precious moment and make an in-the-moment coaching decision attuned to the client to help make this new awareness more accessible to them in their day-to-day life. To accomplish we use a technique called “somatic immersion.” With this method, you help the client truly embody this new (or remembered) experience. So much so that they cannot unknow it.  It’s not just a part of you – it is you.

Now it’s time to go for insight. In this new, more resilient state, we take the client back to the issues they were struggling with and ask “what do they look like now? The result is often nothing short of amazing as the client realizes they have so much more to bring to their moment, and it was there all along. They just forgot. It’s the fulfillment of the promise of the practice –  “you’re problems don’t go away, they just become much smaller, because you become much bigger.”

The live session includes:

  • Demo and practice of somatic immersion
  • Practice reframing from struggles to missions
  • Common problems and obstacles to the process
  • How to know when the client is ready for insight

The recorded sessions include:

  • Mindful, powerful questions  that help clients breakthrough
  • Letting clients lead 

Week 8


Honoring our neurology by taking time to integrate new insights and practices is a key part of the method

Just as the class started – honoring transitions, so shall it end. The course is full of information and practices so this final week honors the need for our systems to integrate new experiences and ideas. This week is devoted to exploring concepts to help clients integrate their learning and adapt it for your circumstances. In addition, in this final week there is ample time to ask clarifying questions, say our goodbyes, and discuss next steps.

In the Live Session we’ll explore:

  • Questions and deeper dive into topics of interest
  • Practice with participants
  • Demonstrations
  • Closing comments and alumni community opportunities

This weeks recorded sessions include:

  • Assignments you can give clients through each phase
  • Resources 

Here’s What You’ll Receive

#1 – Eight 1.5 hour interactive sessions in a small group with Brett Hill

12 hours of interactive training and guidance with Brett into the heart of the method. Sessions include lessons on the course content, instructional stories, practice, demonstrations, and Q&A.

#2 – 1:1 Private Session ($250 value)


This is a rare offering in online training.

You’re invited to schedule a 1:1 session with Brett during the course. Use this time to experience the method as a client or explore questions and how best to apply the method to your live and practice.

#3  –  20 Continuing Education Credits for ICF Coaches

ICF-certified coaches who attend 80% of the live sessions and 80% of the recorded content are eligible to receive ICF CCE credits.

The class is certified for 15 Core hours and 5 Resource Development hours, reflected on your completion certificate and honored by ICF.

#4  – Twelve additional lessons

Some classes have hours of YouTube and TED talks as if they were part of the value of the class. These lessons are original CORE content for important topics that there just isn’t time to cover in the live session.  As these are core lessons rather than supplemental, they will be discussed in class to further your mastery of the Mindful Coach Method.

#5 –  Deepen Your Engagement with Daily Text or Email Reminders

Very popular with previous attendees!

Included in the class are daily reminders to engage with the weeks lessons and assignments in your daily life. 

Research has shown that SMS messaging during training supports engagement and learning. For North American phone numbers, you will receive  a sequence of daily reminders and support integrating practices into your everyday life. 

For overseas phone numbers, you can elect to receive the same messages by email.

#7 – Yours forever – video recordings, transcripts and slides

You can download videos, automatically transcribed transcripts, and a PDF of the PowerPoints for all live and pre-recorded content.  Play play on your phone or stream from our server.

By the end of the course you will have a substantial library of content you can read, view, listen to and integrate into your coaching.


#8 – Dedicated Training Portal to track your progress 

Every week, you’ll get a reminder of your progress from the centralized training portal for the class. Leave comments, access the videos, download the slide decks, and join meetings all from one centralized location. 

# 9 – Collaborate with colleagues in a private community group

You are invited to participate in a private group where you can find mutual support,  arrange to practice with others, and ask questions of Brett and others during the week.

Additional content and resources as needed, are posted to the group to supplement the course.

After the class, you’re invited to join the Alumni group.

# 10 – Certificate of Completion with  ICF CCE credits

Upon successful completion of the course (75% of live events and recorded events), you will receive a personalized certificate of completion. ICF coaches can claim Core and Resourced Development credits for the class. 


# 11 – Digital Badge for you Website and Social Media 

You’ll receive a verifiably authentic digital badge you can display in social media and your website to let people know you’re trained in The Mindful Coach Method. 


Plus Six Bonuses:

Bonus #1

Free Pass to Mindfulness and Presence For Coaches FastTrack 

This is a great companion to your engagement in the method. Six weeks of practices and a workbook that build on each other to improve your mindful presence in sessions. This class was recently selected by as an offering for their 10,000 member ICF aligned membership. A $97 dollar value, included with this course.

Bonus #2

Ethically Using Your Mindful Coach Method Skills to Gain More Clients

The skills in the course help you not only be a better coach, but also a more successful coach. This session demonstrates how you can ethically, consciously, and appropriately use these skills to make it easy for the right potential clients to say yes to your coaching.


Bonus #3

Using Intuition as a Personal Resource

One of Brett’s specializations is helping others cultivate intuition. In this session, he will explain his unique orientation to intuition and provide guidance on best practices on how to enjoy having  intuition be an important and reliable contributor to your session work and everyday life.


Bonus #4

The 6 Meditations Collection

Brett is well known for creating meditations that people love.  When you join the class, you’ll have access to these powerful meditations, none of which has been released to the public. Use for yourself or as an assignment to clients. 

Resourcing yourself – a practice to bring your entire lifetime of learning into this moment. 

How much love will you allow?  This is Brett’s version of a loving presence meditation that gently challenges you to let yourself feel as much love as you will allow.

Box Breathing – The scientifically proven method to downregulate the nervous system under stress. Great for clients and ourselves as a “triage” mindfulness practice. 

Open Awareness – Brett’s version of a mindfulness core practice.  Exceptionally useful for improving listening skills.  

Attention training with Breath – This practice is so strong that it’s considered a “foundational” practice. Often the first meditation taught when starting a mindfulness practice and is used by “masters” in their practice years later.

Body Scan and Centering Breath –  Brett has adapted the traditional Body Scan meditation with some refinements, including an introduction to one of his “go-to” techniques he calls “centering breath”


Bonus# 5
Free Membership in The Mindful Coach Association (MCA)

You’ll receive a code to join The Mindful Coach Association free of charge! The MCA is a community of coaches and helping professionals whose mission is to support connection, collaboration, and our mutual success. There are many benefits and ways to engage including community meetings, a podcast, expert sessions, and you can list your services on our public directory. 


Bonus #6

Coaching and Mindfulness

by Magdalena Nook (CEO of the International Coaching Federation)
– from The Future is Mindful conference

Brett was co-creator of The Future is Mindful Conference in 2022 where Magdalena Nook presented a keynote on mindfulness and coaching.  As a part of this course, you’ll have access to this recording and transcript. This presentation is not available elsewhere. 


Bonus #7

Training a New Generation of Leaders for a New Vision of Business 

by Tami Simon (CEO of Sounds True)

– from The Future is Mindful conference

Another powerful presentation from the Future is Mindful conference was by Tami Simon on the topic of new kinds of training needed for a new generation of leaders. Tami created not only Sounds True, but also The Inner MBA which of which Brett is an alumni As a part of this course, you’ll have access to this recording and transcript.


Bonus #8

25% off Vital.AI Virtual Mindful Meditation Service

By special arrangement with the founder of Ogimi.AI. you will receive a discount code good for 25% of the annual price when you subscribe to “Monk Mode” in Ogimi.AI – a new service that creates custom mindfulness meditations on the topic you specify. You can select from types of meditaitons, sounds, and voices – including mine.
This will save you $25 on the annual subscription.  


What Graduates Say About the Class

Highly recommended. Helped me learn and grow in myself and show up as a more mindful coach which allows for deeper levels of exploration and insight for my clients.
Amber Moody

Certified Integrative Wellness Coach, Brilliant Life Wellness

The somatic inquiry and somatic immersion techniques were tangible and accessible practices to deepen coaching experiences for clients and my relationships with others more generally.  I highly recommend taking this course for anyone who is looking to become a more heart-centered, embodied, effective coach or leader.
Jacob Aqua

Chief Mindfulness Office, Source Wellness

This course has many valuable skills that improve coaching that you don’t hear about other places. Really helps me to be more aware of the struggles and needs for my clients and help them in ways that I could not before.
Roselyn Zeinstra

The Joy Coach

About Your Host for the Course

Meet Brett Hill
Founder of the Mindful Coach Association,
Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Podcast Host, Meditation Instructor, Technologist, Friend to Dogs and other animials especially parakeets.


  • Founder of The Mindful Coach Assocation
  • Certified Somatic, Wellness, and Mindfulness Coach
  • Certified by International Coaching Federation
  • Voice used in mindfulness meditation AI app – Ogimi.AI
  • Certified Mindfulness Facilitator by the Institute for Organizational Science and Mindfulness
  • Trained in Hakomi Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy by Founder Ron Kurtz
  • Trained in Matrix Leadership Training by founder Amina Knowlan
  • Trained in Attachment and Child States at Mindful Experiential Therapeutic Approaches in Portland, OR
  • Trained in Re-Creation of the Self by founder Jon Eisman
  • Contact Improvision Performance Group 
  • Workshoped in Ecstatic Dance with Gabriel Roth
  • Graduate of Inner MBA by Sounds True
  • 9x Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and published author by Microsoft Press
  • Host of two podcasts, The Mindful Coach and The Connected Conversation
  • Founder of The Quest Institute meditation center in Dallas

Brett holds multiple certifications and is a registered hypnotherapist as well as an accomplished technologist. He was recognized by Microsoft with the prestigious “Most Valuable Professional award for 9 years. He authored two Microsoft Press books, taught courses, and spoke at technical conferences on stages worldwide for Microsoft and others.

He has a degree in interpersonal communication and founded the Quest  Institute for meditation in Dallas.

His true passion has been deeply exploration the “the inner journey,” where he sought out and studied with world-class teachers in mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy, group leadership, meditation, and others.

Now, he’s on a mission to support the unfolding and success of those who are called to mindfully help others.

In addition to training coaches and running a private practice. He is the founder of The Mindful Coach Association and host of The Mindful Coach and The Connected Conversation podcast.  He also co-created The Future is Mindful, an online conference focused on mindfulness in the workplace with keynote speakers including Tami Simon  – CEO of Sounds True, and others.

 Registration is Closed

Refund Policy

We’ve been hard at work putting this all together, and if you’re still reading and leaning in, we think this is for you!

AND… we want to make it easy to say yes and tap into these teachings that have transformed both coaches and clients alike. So you’re invited to try the class out for 2 full weeks. If you don’t feel like you’re getting what you paid for, or you just don’t enjoy this path, you’ll receive a full refund.  

What Graduates Say About The Instructor

Brett is a true expert in this area, and a thoughtful, generous instructor willing to share his expertise.
Lisa Specter

Leadership & Executive Coach, HR Consultant, LISA SPECTER Leadership Coaching LLC

Brett has a mastery of mindfulness and somatic inquiry that is quite staggering. He has a delightful teaching style that invites students to explore their experience and connect with the material on many levels.
Henry Murray

Coach, Source Wellness

Brett has such a generous heart, in particular with sharing his experience and knowledge.  Brett consistently shows up with an overflowing cup for his students and gently supports them by seeing their blind spots as a coach, and then modeling ways they can be more effective.

Maria Chan

Transformational Coach


Q: When are the dates and times?

A:  This class will begin on March 19th and meet at 10 AM PST for 1.5 hours every week for 8 weeks.  The next class is penciled in for Sept 2024. 

Q: Who should attend the class?

A: This class is well suited for those who serve as life, mindfulness, executive, mindset, leadership, and transformational coaches as well as those studying to be a coach. In addition, the practices in the class are immensely valuable to many facilitators, trainers, therapists, counselors, mediators, teachers, and managers who help others in a professional capacity.

Q: I've already taken mindfulness training - how is this different?

A: Some of our graduates are MBSR certified and have taken mindfulness training directly from well-known teachers. They report that the class was immensely helpful in learning somatic techniques they can use in client sessions. 

The value of this class for a coach who has already studied mindfulness is  to answer the question, “Now, that I’m more present and mindful in my session with others, what now? How can I bring mindfulness into the sessions as active agent? What skills and practices can I use in this mindful place to help my clients?

For example, we’ll cover when to intervene. How to intervene. Awareness of the coaching intent with intervention. The part of the nervous system you are working with at any particular time. As well as details about trauma informed practices. 

In addition, the Somatic Insight Cycle taught in the class provides a unique coaching framework so you know where you are in the process with the client and how to navigate and nurture the client’s unfolding in an informed way.

Q: I'm in time zone such that I can't make any of the live sessions. Are the choices for me anyway?

A: Yes. 
As an experiment, we had a few students who took the entire course virtually, watching the recordings of the live sessions as their time zones made it impossible for them to attend the live meetings.  Even so, they were very interested in the course.

In order to explore if this worked, they were offered a reduced rate in exchange for feedback about their experience. Each of them reported they experienced a significant benefit and value from the training. If you would like to explore this arrangement, email 

Q: What if I can't make all the live sessions?

A: All sessions are recorded so you can watch them afterward.  To earn the certificate for the class, you must complete 80% of the course materials, which means you could miss two of the live sessions.  Special arrangements have been made from time-to-time based on your circumstances.

Q: Will there be time for me to get my questions answered?

A: YES! In fact, that is a high priority for this course. Class size is kept small and active participation is encouraged. Class time includes demos, Q&A and facilitated peer-to-peer coaching where you are coached in real time to refine your use of the method.

Q: I want to be a coach but am not there yet. Is this a good class for me?

A:  It takes many hours and lots of practice to be a great coach. Even as my introduction to somatic psychology was turning point for me, this class can be a key part of your coaching journey as you’ll have a great start on learning and practicing mindful somatic techniques that will serve you incredibly well in your practice to both gain and help clients, and make a statement that you practice stands apart from traditional coaching. I can’t say enough about how much these practices have helped not only my coaching but my life.

Q: Is the class offered at other dates or times?

A:  If you are interested in the class, but cannot attend, email


Q: I can't take the class now, but would like to know when it will be offered again.

A: Send an email, and I’ll put you on the notification list. 

Q: I have other questions.

A: Great! Please email and we’ll get right back to you